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Communication - FOCUS

The complete Communication - FOCUS Course contains all of the book and workbook modules for 12 months that provide communication tools to maximize teamwork and minimize conflicts:

CHANGE - CHANGE-Certain Habits Always Negatively Ground Everyone. This module assists you in analyzing what needs to change to help balance your purpose, pleasure and peace of mind. It will help you prioritize the important aspects of your endeavors to redirect negative thoughts and actions into positives; helping you attain your goals.

HONESTY - Helping Others Notice Every Situation Truthfully. Learn how to be honest with yourself and ensure honesty from others.  Discover if honesty is always the best policy. Learn  how to decide which information to divulge and how to endure being called a liar. Learn to understand when dishonesty might be acceptable and how to combat accusations of being dishonest. Learn  how to accept honest compliments, even if they are incorrect.

ATTITUDE -  All Terrific Thoughts Incorporate The Unrelenting Desire for Excellence. Learn steps to emulate positive role models and avoid negativity that can develop into harassment. Learn how to avoid harassing others and the steps to seek help if you are harassed. Learn to state facts and avoid personal attacks to effectively communicate in a positive manner.

RESPECT - Recognizing Everyone’s Strengths Produces Exceptional Caring Teams. Develop techniques to build on the strengths of team members. Learn acceptable methods of circumventing inappropriate reactions. Recognize and fulfill responsibilities rather than inappropriately placing blame. Learn how to deflect insults and circumvent insulting others.

ACHIEVEMENT - Always Cooperate, Honest Individuals Ensure Victory Eventually; Make Every Notion True. Learn how to pursue your visions thus creating an identity based on your accomplishments. Study your role models to avoid mediocrity and learn to embrace competition to reach your goals.

CHOICES - Citizens Have Opportunities In Commitment’n Every Situation. Learn that every human action ideally involves a decision of what helps or hurts. Discover methods of determining right from wrong. Learn to filter what enters your mind and body to help you develop and retain peace of mind.

TRUST -To Rely Upon Someone’s Tenacity. Learn how to develop faith in your ability to accomplish stressful tasks. Learn how to envision situations in advance to quantify the risks involved. Learn to display that you can be relied upon to successfully help yourself and others.

EMPOWERMENT - Everyone Manages Productive Opportunities With Each Response, Mending Every Negative Thought. Learn how to develop listening skills that will help you become a more effective catalyst for receiving and sharing life’s joys. Learn to approach persuasion from the wants and needs of others by employing the 7 C’s of sales. Study how sales is teaching and teaching is sales to achieve your persuasive potential.

RELATIONSHIPS - Realizing Every Love Allows Truth In Our Normal Situations, Helping Individuals Proclaim Self-Worth. Learn to live, love and let go. Learn how to be responsible for your own actions and convince others to follow your example. Discover how to develop long lasting, productive relationships. Explore avenues for facing grief to help you endure losing loved ones.

INSPIRE - Individuals Need Support Philosophically In Reaching Expectations. Study the value of faith in reaching goals. Formulate your rules of life to help you attain personal happiness.

SELF WORTH - Securing Esteem Lessens Fear; Working Offers Respect, Triggering Happiness. Learn to recognize and appreciate your personal value. Eliminate fears by recognizing life’s joys. Understand how to avoid the dangers of over-eating, alcohol, nicotine and substance abuse. Comprehend how hard work can develop self esteem. Learn to recognize signs for the ultimate display of a lack of self–worth.

TEAMWORK - Tolerance Empowers All Members; Wisdom Offers Renewed Kindness. Recognize that teams are formed any time two or more people interact together. Delineate successful team expectations. Discover how to avoid unnecessary arguments and effectively apologize. Learn to employ the six steps of conflict resolution and study the five steps of the flow formula to sustain successful teams.

INTEGRITY - Individuals Never Trust Evil; Golden Rule Inspires Their Years. Is your word good; are you honest, can you be trusted? Learn to lead others by inspiring them to achieve by becoming an enviable role model. Learn to turn conflicts into inspirational opportunities by displaying impeccable integrity.

COMMUNICATION-Creating Only Manageable Methods Understanding Negative Innuendos Carefully And Teaming Individuals On Needs. Learn effective methods of successfully sharing important information in a positive manner. Discover what information should be shared and how to endure criticism. Learn how to squelch rumors and redirect failed communications.

SUCCESS - Seek Understanding Carefully; Character Eventually Sows Satisfaction. Understand the struggles and joys that lead to a successful life. Learn to perpetually keep trying by overcoming the pain of past failures. Learn to value hard work while displaying patience, commitment, faith and tolerance. Quantify your vision of a successful life. Explore implications of the word “wealth” to help balance your purpose, pleasure and peace of mind.

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Books: Both the ABC textbook and the CBA workbook Ebooks are included with each course registration.

( * Foundations Of Communication; Understanding Success)