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Hooked on Addiction Book

     This self-reflective book will help you develop a recipe to assist you in cooking up a simple cure for your addictions. Noah Van Houten, Founder of Can’t Go Back

     Addiction is not easy to understand yet alone deal with either as an addict or helping someone with addiction. This book gives you resources and tools that you can use in your everyday life to win and be free from addiction. Sheriff John Snaza, Thurston County, Washington

     Bruce Brummond presents a unique course in education about addiction in his book titled Hooked On Addiction?” I believe this book can be a useful tool for the “addicted,” the “wonder if I am addicted” and the ever-faithful “enabler”.  I highly recommend this book as a study tool for not only those caught up in addiction but also for anyone who has a DESIRE (Ditching Evil Stuff Is Required Everyday) to learn more about how each one of us can control our destiny. Jeremiah Saucier, CDP Owner/ Director of Crossroads Treatment Center, Lakewood WA…Founder of Hope Recovery Center